30. Jimmy needs to go to the bathroom.




 This is jimmy.

toilet paper

toilet paper


an accident: a child urinates or defecates in his or her pants

diapers: thick underwear for a baby, disposable or nondisposable

handy: available

number one: pee; urination

number two: poop; defecation

potty: toilet

restroom: bathroom

wipe:to clean

wipes: wet, disposable cloths

Jimmy needs to go to the bathroom. He and his mother, Sonia, are at the park today, and now she’s wondering what to do. Their house is just a few minutes away. Will they make it there in time? Or should they use the bathroom at the park?

Jimmy is two-and-a-half years old. He began potty training a few weeks ago. He still wears diapers because every now and then he has an accident, but his mother is happy that he wants to learn to use the toilet.

When Jimmy needs to do number one, he says to Sonia, "I need to go pee pee." When he needs to do number two, he says "I need to go poo poo."

Jimmy isn’t very good at wiping himself after he goes to the bathroom. His mother helps him with the toilet paper. Sometimes he makes a big mess and then it’s necessary to put him in the bathtub for a quick cleanup. His mother also keeps baby wipes handy just in case Jimmy needs them.

Now that Jimmy is using the toilet, Sonia saves a lot of money on diapers. He still wears pull ups, but he doesn’t need regular diapers. Sometimes he walks around the house in his big-boy underwear, confident that he will get to the toilet in time to use it.

Sonia finally decides to use the public bathroom instead of going all the way home. It looks clean and modern enough. Jimmy can go into the women’s restroom because he’s still very young. He needs to get used to going to the bathroom at places outside his home.

What a good boy he is!

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