31. Alex delivers pizza.



He's delivering a pizza.

 This is Alex.

receiving money for the delivery

He’s very busy tonight.


achieve: get

although: however

combined: together

deliver: to bring

extra: more

get around: travel

minimum wage: the least amount of pay per hour that a worker receives from a company.

tips: money given by a customer for good service

wage: money

wear and tear: use of something

Alex delivers pizza. He has been working as a pizza delivery man for the last two years after moving to Chicago from Ukraine.

The job was very difficult at first because he didn’t know the area very well. But because Chicago is on a well-planned grid, he quickly figured out how to use the grid system of numbers and directions. He learned how to go from north to south, and from east to west. Soon it seemed easy to get around.

Most of the money that Alex earns comes in the form of tips. The average tip is two or three dollars, but some people don’t give tips at all. Some tips are very large. The largest tip Alex ever received was $50. He got the money when he delivered twenty pizzas to a party.

At first Alex thought he was in the money. The tips were good and he received a minimum wage of $8.25 per hour. With his tips and his hourly wage combined, he makes an average of $15 to $20 an hour; however, there’s a lot of driving involved and Alex has to pay for all of his gas himself. This job has also put a lot of miles on the car he drives. Delivery people have to use their own cars, so the extra miles have resulted in a lot of extra wear and tear on the car. He needs extra maintenance on his car to keep it running properly.

Alex isn’t interested in delivering pizzas forever. He’s saving money to start his own business although he’s not sure what that will be. Right now he just wants to learn more about the country he lives in and he wants to improve his English. Living in Chicago is giving him a great opportunity to achieve his goals.

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