certificate of U.S. citizenship

Certificate of U.S. citizenship

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U.S. Citizenship



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   If you pass your citizenship test, tell me about it! Send me a picture of you holding your certificate and I'll post it here on the website.

Congratulations to everyone who passes the test! It's not that hard if you prepare for it.




Understanding English is an important part of the test. Are you ready? If not, you can sign up to learn English for free on this website.

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Click here to listen to the questions and the answers for the revised naturalization test, or watch the videos below.

These videos are based on the 100 questions that you have to know for the test. The videos are in three parts. (Part 3 is the hardest part. It's in two sections--3a and 3b). I made these a few years ago, but the information is still good, and it's important that you develop your listening skills when preparing to take the test.

Part 1


Part 2


Part 3a


Part 3b


After you pass the test, you attend a ceremony. This is what it looks like:







Click here to get a list of the 100 questions you need to know. (These are the new questions!)

Click here to practice the 100 questions on flashcards you can cut out.

Click here for necessary reading vocabulary for the test.

Click here for necessary writing vocabulary for the test.

Here's a link to the official U.S. Citizenship website run by the government.

Here's a link to the Application for Naturalization from the U.S. government. Go to the bottom of the page and download form N-400.

This link describes the process for citizenship and provides information about immigration history.

Remember, all the information you need to prepare for the test is available for free from the U.S. government.




Congratulations Ana!


Dear Teacher, I want tell you thank-you very much for all your help. Now I'm an American citizen and I feel very happy because at last I realized my dream. I have learned a lot of English with you.
God bless you
Ana - Phoenix, AZ

Congratulations Marzia!


Hi Paul, I can't stop saying to you thanks for your big contribution through your website in accomplishing my goals here. Since I've found your website, I've improved my English day by day. Although my way is still long, I'm sure that I can make more progress as I keep following your website.

Marzia -- U.S.A.


Dear Paul, Thanks for all you do. It is my pleasure to tell you that my older sister got her citizenship on 10-16-12! Thanks! Your website was very very helpful. I flew to NJ in order to be with her and you cannot image how proud I am. Thanks again and God bless you!

Estella - Gainesville, GA




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