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Dictation exercises





 Listen to your teacher read the questions and the answers.

You can print out the questions from this PDF file.

American Government, Part A

Questions 1 - 12 

American Government, Part B

System of Government

Questions 13 - 47

American Government, Part C

Rights and Responsibilities

Questions 48 - 57 

American History, Part A

Colonial Period and Independence

Questions 58 - 70 

American History, Part B


Questions 71 - 77 

American History, Part C

Recent American History

Questions 78 - 87 

Integrated Civics,

Parts A, B, and C

Questions 88 - 100 








Click here to get a list of the 100 questions you need to know. (These are the new questions!)

Click here to practice the 100 questions on flashcards you can cut out.

Click here for necessary reading vocabulary for the test.

Click here for necessary writing vocabulary for the test.

Here's a link to the official U.S. Citizenship website run by the government.

Here's a link to the Application for Naturalization from the U.S. government. Go to the bottom of the page and download form N-400.

Remember, all the information you need to prepare for this test is available for free from the U.S. government.


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