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My name is Paul. I’ve been an English teacher since 1988, and I’ve been teaching students online since 2003. As an experienced teacher, I understand how students learn new information and skills and how they learn English. What’s the secret? There isn’t a secret. Learning English is really hard. However, there are three things you must do:

write by hand

  • Write in a notebook everything that you learn.
  • Work with a teacher who understands English grammar.
  • Find free lessons on YouTube. For my free channel, do a search: Learn American English Online.

The secret to learning English lies in learning the logic of grammar and then writing down everything that you learn. In the classes that I teach, I urge everyone to write as much as possible. All of my students have notebooks, and they all write. It’s a simple method, but it works.

My students are from all over the world: Ethiopia, Mexico, Somalia, Vietnam, China, Cambodia, Central and South America, among others.

I originally built this website in 2003 for my students to use for free, but now 99% of the people who come here are from other states and other countries. I’m still working on the website and adding to it daily.

Basically, I just wanted to create a free space on the internet that students think about going to when they’re trying to figure out how to say something in English –beginners to advanced.

So don’t expect too much at first from a free website. You know, what they say–you get what you pay for.

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My Experience

2003 – the present  I’m a regular classroom teacher for adults. I teach English as a second language classes and adult basic education. I specialize in the areas of writing, reading, vocabulary development, and grammar and usage. I’ve also been teaching English to people online since this website began in 2003. It’s a lot of fun and I have met many interesting people.

1997 – 2012  I taught English as a second language (ESL) at the Mall of America in Bloomington, MN.

1991 – 1997 I taught high school English at Hill-Murray High School in Maplewood, Minnesota for six years, from 1991 to 1997. Until I started teaching at the Mall of America, this was the best job that I had ever had.

1990 – 1991 Before moving to Minnesota, I spent one amazing year at a Catholic girls school in Chicago. This was my "boot camp" –the place where I really learned how to be a teacher. Thanks to Sr. Theresa to whom I’ll forever be indebted. She was my mentor and my friend, and truly an angel on earth.

1988 – 1990 My very first paid teaching experience was at the Lakeview Learning Center in Chicago where I taught ESL part time. These were my very first students, and it was from them that I started to learn how to teach.


1988 – 1990 – DePaul University, Chicago, IL (teacher certification)

1986 – 1988 – University of Illinois, Chicago, IL

1981 – 1985 Southern Illinois University, Carbondale, IL (B.A.)


1963 – 1991 Almost everything I learned about being a good human being came from my mother, Marilyn. She was a Spanish teacher and a teacher of children and adults who were bilingual in Spanish and English. Without her support and influence, I never would have become a teacher.


Let’s all work together towards ending war and reducing human suffering while preserving the planet Earth.