28. Do you need to get a driver’s license ?



woman in car

 She has her permit and she’s ready to drive.


The best time to practice driving is in the morning.


glove box: The small storage compartment inside a car on the passenger’s side of the vehicle

hood: the top part of a car that protects the engine

manual: a book of instructions

obtain: get

odometer: the device on a dashboard that tracks the number of miles or kilometers that a car has traveled

permit: a state-issued document that allows a person to do something

requirement: something that a person must do

rules of the road:

vary: to be different

Do you need to get a driver’s license? It’s important to get a driver’s license if you live in the United Sates. Without a license, a person can’t legally drive a car. A driver’s license is also useful when cashing a check or whenever it’s necessary to show proof of identification.

If you don’t know how to drive and you need to get a license, these are the steps to take: however, laws vary from state to state. Keep in mind that each state might have slightly different requirements.

First, go to your local library to see if there are any books, manuals, or DVDs that explain the rules of the road. Look for books and manuals that are from the state in which you live. Make sure the books you find contain up-to-date information about state rules and laws you need to know.

Second, if English is your second language, you should learn how to identify the important parts of a car in English. Where’s the glove box? What’s under the hood? How many miles are on the odometer? Basic English vocabulary will help you pass your tests.

Third, obtain a permit to drive. This is a temporary, state-issued piece of paper which you can get after passing a written test. A permit will allow you to drive a car when a licensed driver is in the car with you. Some states require learners to attend a driver’s education course.

Fourth, after you get your permit, find someone who can help you practice your driving–but you must have the permit first! After you have enough practice, you can take a road test.

Fifth, take a road test. Go to the state facility that issues driver’s licenses. You have to fill out an application, pay a fee, and then take a driving test while an inspector watches you drive. If you do well on the road test, you will get your driver’s license. If you don’t do well on the road test, you will have to take the test again at a later date.

Be prepared. If you study for your tests and practice your driving, you will be able to get a driver’s license.

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