12. It’s fun to drive a go-kart.

go kart

Wearing a helmet is a good idea!

racing go karts


bumpy: not smooth; rough;

maneuver: to move; to go in a particular direction

helmet: a hard hat that provides complete protection for the head in case of an accident.

windshield: the front window in a car that protects drivers and passengers from wind.

It’s fun to drive a go-kart. All you need to do is to step on the gas and off you go. The steering wheel helps to maneuver the vehicle, and a foot brake helps to stop it. It’s very easy to drive.

Number 13 is Frank’s go-kart. He built it himself. He and other people whose hobby it is to build and race go-karts meet at this track on the weekends. Almost all of the people who compete do it for fun, but some members of the racing association he belongs to are serious about winning when they race.

Gas-powered go-karts can reach speeds of up to 30 miles per hour. It might feel much faster than that when you ride in one because go-karts are low to the ground, and the ride is a little bumpy. There’s also no windshield. It’s not at all like driving a car.

Frank always wears a helmet on his head and other protection for his body when he competes. He wears long-sleeved shirts and long pants. He has never crashed, but he wants to be prepared in case he does.

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Now you try it. Read the paragraph above. If you have a microphone, you can record your voice.


How much do you remember from the reading? Fill in the blanks.  

  • 1. The steering __________ helps you maneuver a go-kart.
  • 2. Frank built his go-kart ______________.
  • 3. He wears a ____________ to protect his head.
  • 4. He has never _______________.

(1. wheel; 2. himself; 3. helmet; 4. crashed)

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