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P28 Work

Purple Level

Lesson Twenty-eight


work / worked / worked / working


The verb "work" is one you probably already know, but you should consider it has a variety of applications. Generally, use "work" to describe any purposeful action: making money, managing necessary duties around the house, and physical and mental labor.

1. She works as a nurse.

She has worked as a nurse for ten years.

2. He works as a painter.

He’s been working as a painter since he left high school.

3. She graduated with a bachelor’s degree. Now she’s going to work on her master’s degree.
4. He’s working at his desk.
5. He’s working on his computer.
6. This is where I work in the evening. (This is where I teach.)

7. Our dryer isn’t working. We have to call someone to fix it.

8. This old radio still works.

9. He’s working on a big plate of food. (Sometimes "work" means "eat.")

present tense: work / works
past tense: worked
future: will work
present continuous: am / are / is working
past continuous: was / were working
future continuous: will be working
present perfect: has / have worked
past perfect: had worked
future perfect: will have worked
present perfect continuous: has / have been working
past perfect continuous: had been working
future perfect continuous: will have been working
modal verbs: ______ work
past tense modal: ______ have worked
infinitive: to work
gerund: working
passive: yes


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