Purple Level

Lesson Twenty-eight — extended practice with idioms


work / worked / worked / working

The verb "work" is frequently used with prepositions to form idioms.

work at = to practice; to develop a skill

Tanya is working at becoming a better singer.


work (something) into = to bring someting into a larger group.

We don’t have a lot of extra time today, but we’ll have to work this meeting into our schedule.


work out = to fix something; to solve a problem.

We need to work out a solution to this problem.


work out = to execise; to exercise with heavy weights.

You can tell that Jim has been working out lately. He’s getting huge.


work over = to create pain and suffering for another person

The interrogators worked the man over until he gave a confession.


work through = to continue despite difficulty

A therapist is helping the couple work through their marital problems.


work up = to create; to develop

I’ve really worked up an appetite after playing football all morning.

We have to work up a new plan because our other plan was rejected.


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