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P6 Give

Purple Level

Lesson Six


give / gave / given / giving

 The verb "give" is used when one person provides something to another person.


1. Someone gave her some flowers.
2. The waiter gave him a bowl of rice.
3. He wants someone to give him a ride.
4. This mother gives her baby a lot of love.
5. It’s time to give this house a new coat of paint. The last time it was given a new coat of paint was over 20 years ago.
6. He’s waiting for someone to give him a call.
present tense: give / gives
past tense: gave
future: will give
present continuous: am / are / is giving
past continuous: was / were giving
future continuous: will be giving
present perfect: has / have given
past perfect: had given
future perfect: will have given
present perfect continuous: has / have been giving
past perfect continuous: had been giving
future perfect continuous: will have been giving
modal verbs: ______ give
past tense modal: ______ have given
infinitive: to give
gerund: giving
passive: yes


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