Purple Level Quiz #9: give  WRITE

Directions: Put the verb “give” into the correct verb tense or form.

1. He ___________ his employees a lot of work to do. (present tense)

2. The professor ___________ a very interesting lecture a couple of days ago. (past tense)

3. The teacher _________________ us some extra time to finish our assignment. (future tense)

4. __________ that man over there _____________ you any trouble? (present continuous tense)

5. That store ___________________ away free samples of chocolate, but then they stopped. (past continuous tense)

6. Who ____________________ him that balloon? (past tense)

7. Who _____________ you ____________ money to last year? (past tense)

8. __________ his mother ____________ him any work to do around the house? (present perfect tense)

9. Please, ____________________ the dog any more to eat. (imperative form, negative)

10. The fumes from that gas pump ____________________ me a headache. (present continuous tense)

11. Veronica _____________________ much thought to which college she wanted to attend until just before she made the decision. (past perfect tense, negative)

12. How much money __________ you ___________________ to the Red Cross? (idiomatic modal verb: be able to)

13. The witness _________________________ a good description of the suspect to the police because it was so dark. (idiomatic modal verb: be able to, past tense, negative)

14. Dan needs ____________________ a speech next week (infinitive)

15. You can help others in need by _________________ blood once or twice a year. (gerund)

16. Samantha ____________________ a hundred dollars and told by her mother to go buy some clothes at the mall. (past tense, passive voice)

17. Ted ____________________ a lot of responsibility at work. (present tense, passive voice)

18. Some of the students ____________________ Ron a hard time at school. (present perfect continuous tense)

19. How much help __________ your teacher ___________ you in class? (present tense)

20. Lena’s boss ____________________ her a lot of work to do. (present perfect tense)


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