Purple Level Quiz #9: give (ANSWERS)

Directions: Put the verb “give” into the correct verb tense or form.

1. He gives his employees a lot of work to do. (present tense)

2. The professor gave a very interesting lecture a couple of days ago. (past tense)

3. The teacher will give us some extra time to finish our assignment. (future tense)

4. Is that man over there giving you any trouble? (present continuous tense)

5. That store was giving away free samples of chocolate, but then they stopped. (past continuous tense)

6. Who gave him that balloon? (past tense)

7. Who did you give money to last year? (past tense)

8. Has his mother given him any work to do around the house? (present perfect tense)

9. Please, don’t give the dog any more to eat. (imperative form, negative)

10. The fumes from that gas pump are giving me a headache. (present continuous tense)

11. Veronica hadn’t given much thought to which college she wanted to attend until just before she made the decision. (past perfect tense, negative)

12. How much money are you able to give to the Red Cross? (idiomatic modal verb: be able to)

13. The witness wasn’t able to give a good description of the suspect to the police because it was so dark. (idiomatic modal verb: be able to, past tense, negative)

14. Dan needs to give a speech next week (infinitive)

15. You can help others in need by giving blood once or twice a year. (gerund)

16. Samantha was given a hundred dollars and told by her mother to go buy some clothes at the mall. (past tense, passive voice)

17. Ted is given a lot of responsibility at work. (present tense, passive voice)

18. Some of the students have been giving Ron a hard time at school. (present perfect continuous tense)

19. How much help does your teacher give you in class? (present tense)

20. Lena’s boss has given her a lot of work to do. (present perfect tense)


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