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P7 See

Purple Level

Lesson Seven


see / saw / seen / seeing

The verb "see" is used when observing something through the eyes, but it also means to visit, to have a relationship with another person, and to understand.


1. We went to see a play at this theater.

2. I have to see a dentist because I have a toothache.

3. You might see a lot of raccoons if you visit Minnesota. They’re beautiful little animals.

4. They’ve been seeing each other for the last couple of months.

5. Seeing children laugh and smile brings joy to a person’s heart.
6. He ought to see a doctor about his back.

7. Her daughter doesn’t see the importance of eating healthy food–especially vegetables.

present tense: see / sees
past tense: saw
future: will see
present continuous: am / are / is seeing
past continuous: was / were seeing
future continuous: will be seeing
present perfect: has / have seen
past perfect: had seen
future perfect: will have seen
present perfect continuous: has / have been seeing
past perfect continuous: had been seeing
future perfect continuous: will have been seeing
modal verbs: ______ see
past tense modal: ______ have seen
infinitive: to see
gerund: seeing
passive: yes


1. We ________ a good movie last night. (past tense)

2. She ______ __________ a really nice guy right now. (present continuous tense)

3. ______ you ________ that big building over there? (present tense question)

4. They ______ __________ their friends at the party (past tense–negative)

5. I ________ ________ a doctor. (modal verb=necessary)

answers below

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the verb "look"

1. saw;  2. is seeing;  3. Do ….see;  4. didn’t see;  5. must see or have to see
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