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Lesson Eight


look / looked / looked / looking

The verb "look" is similar to "see" and "watch," but each of these words is used for different situations. "Look" also means to pay attention, to examine, to plan to buy something, and it describes a person’s appearance. It’s often used with prepositions such as at, for, around, in, on, etc. It can be used as an adjective and as a noun.

1. He needs to look at himself in the mirror to shave.


2. Look at these cute puppies!

3. We need to look for a new apartment.

4. He’s looking at cars today.

(look at = plan to buy)

car shopping
5. This looks like a very old house.
old house
6. She looks very beautiful!

7. This wolf is looking around for something to eat.


Watch this video:


present tense: look / looks
past tense: looked
future: will look
present continuous: am / are / is looking
past continuous: was / were looking
future continuous: will be looking
present perfect: has / have looked
past perfect: had looked
future perfect: will have looked
present perfect continuous: has / have been looking
past perfect continuous: had been looking
future perfect continuous: will have been looking
modal verbs: ______ look
past tense modal: ______ have looked
infinitive: to look
gerund: looking
passive: yes (but only in the form of a verb phrase)
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