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Purple Level Quiz 1

Purple Level Quiz #1 

Directions: Choose the verbs from the box below to complete each sentence. Please write the answers by hand in a notebook.


1. You will need to _________ going to school if you want to get a good education.

2. How much did you __________ for your car when you sold it?

3. It’s very important to learn how to __________ a computer these days.

4. Did she __________ shopping yesterday?

5. Let’s __________ a movie tonight at the Cineplex.

6. __________ the #45 bus to go downtown.

7. Could you please __________ up the phone number online?

8. They don’t __________ enough money to afford a new car.

9. What kind of shoes do you __________ on when you go running?

10. She didn’t __________ any information to the person who called her at home.

11. Do you __________ any of the other students in this class?

12. Should she __________ a dentist for her toothache?

13. Sheila needs to __________ breakfast for her family every morning.

14. Try not to __________ at clothes too long in that store. We have to leave soon.

15. Do the kids need to __________ to the bathroom?

16. Can you __________ something from the store on your way home?

17. It’s going to __________ about 30 minutes to drive to the city.

18. Why didn’t he __________ the ice cream back into the refrigerator? It’s melting everywhere.

19. Please __________ me more time to get this assignment finished.

20. Do you __________ Spanish or English when you talk to your kids?


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