Purple Level Quiz #1 (ANSWERS)

Directions: Choose the verbs from the box below to complete each sentence. Please write the answers by hand in a notebook.


1. You will need to keep going to school if you want to get a good education.

2. How much did you get for your car when you sold it?

3. It’s very important to learn how to use a computer these days.

4. Did she go shopping yesterday?

5. Let’s see a movie tonight at the Cineplex.

6. Take the #45 bus to go downtown.

7. Could you please look up the phone number online?

8. They don’t make enough money to afford a new car.

9. What kind of shoes do you put on when you go running?

10. She didn’t give any information to the person who called her at home.

11. Do you know any of the other students in this class?

12. Should she see a dentist for her toothache?

13. Sheila needs to make breakfast for her family every morning.

14. Try not to look at clothes for too long in that store. We have to leave soon.

15. Do the kids need to go to the bathroom?

16. Can you get something from the store on your way home?

17. It’s going to take about 30 minutes to drive to the city.

18. Why didn’t he put the ice cream back into the refrigerator? It’s melting everywhere.

19. Please give me more time to get this assignment finished.

20. Do you use Spanish or English when you talk to your kids?


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