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Purple Level Quiz 10

Purple Level Quiz #10: see  

Directions: Put the verb “see” into the correct verb tense or form.

1. She ___________ her dentist at least twice a year. (present tense)

2. __________ you __________ that car go by? It was a new Jaguar. (past tense)

3. I ____________________ you until next year. (future tense, negative)

4. __________ you ____________ what I ___________________? I can’t believe my eyes. (present continuous tense)

5. Bob _____________________ that movie over ten times. (present perfect tense)

6. Sheila ____________________ anything without her glasses. (modal verb: can, negative)

7. My mother ____________________ several doctor before she finally found one who was able to help her with her cancer. (past perfect tense)

8. Donna __________________________ Bob for the last six months. (present perfect continuous tense)

9. You ____________________ a doctor if you feel pain in your chese. (idiomatic modal verb: ought to)

10. When ___________ Ali ____________ his friends? (present tense)

11. Why __________ Greg ____________ a therapist? (present continuous tense)

12. When do you think we ____________________ an improvement in the economy? (future tense)

13. Do you want ____________________ a baseball game this weekend? (infinitive)

14. _____________________ a baseball game with your kids is a great experience. (gerund)

15. How many famous people ___________ you ____________ when you visited Los Angeles? (past tense)

16. Harold ____________________ his boss in several days. (present perfect tense, negative)

17. We _____________________ a good thunderstorm tonight. (modal verb: might)

18. I _____________________ spending twenty thousand dollars on a new car. (modal verb: can, negative)

19. ____________ if you can get the attention of that police officer over there. (imperative form)

20. They ____________________ eye to eye on anything. They argue all the time. (present tense, negative)


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