Purple Level Quiz #10: see (ANSWERS)

Directions: Put the verb “see” into the correct verb tense or form.

1. She sees her dentist at least twice a year. (present tense)

2. Did you see that car go by? It was a new Jaguar. (past tense)

3. I won’t see you until next year. (future tense, negative)

4. Are you seeing what Im seeing? I can’t believe my eyes. (present continuous tense)

5. Bob has seen that movie over ten times. (present perfect tense)

6. Sheila can’t see anything without her glasses. (modal verb: can, negative)

7. My mother had seen several doctor before she finally found one who was able to help her with her cancer. (past perfect tense)

8. Donna has been seeing Bob for the last six months. (present perfect continuous tense)

9. You ought to see a doctor if you feel pain in your chese. (idiomatic modal verb: ought to)

10. When does Ali see his friends? (present tense)

11. Why is Greg seeing a therapist? (present continuous tense)

12. When do you think we will see an improvement in the economy? (future tense)

13. Do you want to see a baseball game this weekend? (infinitive)

14. Seeing a baseball game with your kids is a great experience. (gerund)

15. How many famous people did you see when you visited Los Angeles? (past tense)

16. Harold hasn’t seen his boss in several days. (present perfect tense, negative)

17. We might see a good thunderstorm tonight. (modal verb: might)

18. I can’t see spending twenty thousand dollars on a new car. (modal verb: can, negative)

19. See if you can get the attention of that police officer over there. (imperative form)

20. They don’t see eye to eye on anything. They argue all the time. (present tense, negative)


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