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Purple Level Quiz 24 Send

Purple Level Quiz #24:  send  

Directions: Put the verb “send” into the correct verb tense or form. Some verbs are negative.

1. He ___________ and receives a lot of packages every day. (present tense)

2. If you __________ __________ the bill in now,it won’t get there on time. (present tense — negative)

3. I need ________________ this back to the store. It’s no good. (infinitive)

4. ________________ your kids through four years of college is expensive. (gerund)

5. Maria ___________ an email to her teacher. (past tense)

6. They __________ ___________ the tax forms to the government on time. (past tense — negative)

7. This letter __________ ___________ to the wrong address. (past tense, passive voice)

8. _________ this company __________ any of its products to China (present tense)

9. What time __________ you ___________ your kids to school? (future tense)

10. This package needs ________ _________ __________ first class. (infinitive, passive voice)

11. Someone __________ __________ ___________ threatening letters to the President. (present perfect continuous tense)

12. __________ those students to the office. (imperative form)

13. Please __________ __________ me any more text messages. (imperative form — negative)

14. He __________ never __________ his girlfriend flowers before. She was so happy to get them. (past perfect tense)

15. __________ you ever __________ flowers to someone? (present perfect tense)

16. They __________ _________ __________ their son to college this year. (future continuous tense — negative)

17. The pizza __________ __________ to the wrong address. (past tense, passive voice using “get” instead of “be”)

18. I __________ ______________ this spaghetti back to the kitchen. It’s cold. (present continuous tense)

19. Carla ____________ her kids to stay with her sister in Mexico for a week. (past tense)

20. How much money __________ we ____________ to the Red Cross for disaster relief? (should)


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