Purple Level Quiz #24:  send  (ANSWERS) write by hand

Directions: Put the verb “send” into the correct verb tense or form. Some verbs are negative.

1. He sends and receives a lot of packages every day. (present tense)

2. If you don’t send the bill in now,it won’t get there on time. (present tense — negative)

3. I need to send this back to the store. It’s no good. (infinitive)

4. Sending your kids through four years of college is expensive. (gerund)

5. Maria sent an email to her teacher. (past tense)

6. They didn’t send the tax forms to the government on time. (past tense — negative)

7. This letter was sent to the wrong address. (past tense, passive voice)

8. Does this company send any of its products to China (present tense)

9. What time will you send your kids to school? (future tense)

10. This package needs to be sent first class. (infinitive, passive voice)

11. Someone has been sending threatening letters to the President. (present perfect continuous tense)

12. Send those students to the office. (imperative form)

13. Please don’t send me any more text messages. (imperative form — negative)

14. He had never sent his girlfriend flowers before. She was so happy to get them. (past perfect tense)

15. Have you ever sent flowers to someone? (present perfect tense)

16. They won’t be sending their son to college this year. (future continuous tense — negative)

17. The pizza got sent to the wrong address. (past tense, passive voice using “get” instead of “be”)

18. I am sending this spaghetti back to the kitchen. It’s cold. (present continuous tense)

19. Carla sent her kids to stay with her sister in Mexico for a week. (past tense)

20. How much money should we send to the Red Cross for disaster relief? (should)


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