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Purple Level Quiz 26 Last

Purple Level Quiz #26:  last  

Directions: Put the verb “last” into the correct verb tense or form. Some verbs are negative.

1. This candy __________ a long time. (present tense)

2. That big bag of potato chips __________ ___________ for very long. (past tensenegative)

3. Your clothes __________ __________ longer if you dry them outside on a clothesline. (future tense)

4. I _________ ____________ much longer in this heat. Let’s go inside where it’s cool. (cannegative)

5. How long __________ the movie __________? (past tense)

6. If his fever __________ for more than a few days, bring him to the doctor. (present tense)

7. How many of the new recruits ___________ through the training? (past tense)

8. Why __________ the transmission on her ___________ more than just a couple of years? (past tense — negative)

9. This milk __________ _________ ___________ us until I can get to the store this weekend. (have to)

10. The lettuce in the refrigerator _________ ____________ much longer than I thought it would. (present continuous tense)

11. Do you think this ice __________ __________ if we put it in this cooler? (future tense)

12. This football game __________ ___________ for way too long. (present perfect tense)

13. The brakes on these cars __________ _________ ____________for as long as the engineers had hoped. (present perfect continuous tensenegative)

14. Those low prices __________ __________ very long. (future tense — negative)

15. How long __________ your English class ___________? (present tense)

16. You can find many structures in Europe that __________ ___________ for over 1000 years. (present perfect tense)

17. This bike ___________ ___________ for several years if you take care of it. (should)

18. The people in the city don’t want the celebration __________ ___________ longer than a few days. (infinitive)

19. The audience grew tired of a guitar solo that _____________ for over five minutes. (past tense)

20.How many years __________ the war in Afghanistan ___________? (present perfect tense)


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