Purple Level Quiz #26:  last (ANSWERS)   write by hand

Directions: Put the verb “last” into the correct verb tense or form. Some verbs are negative.

1. This candy lasts a long time. (present tense)

2. That big bag of potato chips didn’t last for very long. (past tense — negative)

3. Your clothes will last longer if you dry them outside on a clothesline. (future tense)

4. I can’t last much longer in this heat. Let’s go inside where it’s cool. (can — negative)

5. How long did the movie last? (past tense)

6. If his fever lasts for more than a few days, bring him to the doctor. (present tense)

7. How many of the new recruits lasted through the training? (past tense)

8. Why didn’t the transmission on her last more than just a couple of years? (past tense — negative)

9. This milk has to last  us until I can get to the store this weekend. (have to)

10. The lettuce in the refrigerator is lasting much longer than I thought it would. (present continuous tense)

11. Do you think this ice will last if we put it in this cooler? (future tense)

12. This football game has lasted for way too long. (present perfect tense)

13. The brakes on these cars haven’t been lasting for as long as the engineers had hoped. (present perfect continuous tense — negative)

14. Those low prices won’t last very long. (future tense — negative)

15. How long does your English class last? (present tense)

16. You can find many structures in Europe that have lasted for over 1000 years. (present perfect tense)

17. This bike should last for several years if you take care of it. (should)

18. The people in the city don’t want the celebration to last longer than a few days. (infinitive)

19. The audience grew tired of a guitar solo that lasted for over five minutes. (past tense)

20.How many years has the war in Afghanistan lasted? (present perfect tense)


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