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6 A New Car Is Expensive

6. A new car is expensive.

 a new car

A new car is nice, but it’s expensive.


behind the wheel: operating a vehicle

crash: accident

features: nice things that make a car more comfortable or safe

finance: to get money in the form of a loan

insure: to buy insurance

loan: money borrowed from a bank or other type of lender

peace of mind: free from concern

reliable: dependable; not likely to have problems

worth it: a good value for the money


 A new car is expensive. It costs an average of over $20,000 to purchase one. It’s also necessary to insure it, maintain it, and put gas into it.

 One good thing about a new car is that it’s much safer than an older car. It has many safety features. It has airbags for all of the passengers in case of a crash. It can detect cars that are too close to your car. It can even park itself. Soon it might be possible to own a car that drives itself without a driver behind the wheel.

  Many car buyers finance the purchase of a new car with a car loan. It takes four, five, or six years to pay off the loan. For some people it’s worth it because a new car is usually very reliable. It doesn’t break down and it doesn’t need a lot of repairs. It provides the owner with peace of mind.


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