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34 The Company Had A Big Meeting

34. The company had a big meeting yesterday.



business meeting

The CEO was there.

After lunch, they met in smaller groups.


annual: once a year

assortment: variety; many choices

branch: section; division

buffet: people take whatever they want to eat from what is available

close: end

direction: future path forward

fiscal: financial

fiscal year: the one-year period that measures revenue and expenses

head / headed: go / went

(the) head: the person who leads

help oneself: to get something for oneself

spend / spent: use time

split up: divide

upcoming: soon; next


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The company had a big meeting yesterday. It was the annual meeting. The purpose of the meeting was to discuss the direction of the company and plan for the upcoming fiscal year.

Everyone in the company attended the meeting. They met in a large conference room at a local hotel. The meeting lasted all day.

Before the meeting started, there was a breakfast buffet. Employees helped themselves to beverages and an assortment of breakfast food. Many people ate their breakfast as the meeting started.

The CEO was there. The CEO is the chief executive officer for the company. As the head of the company, he makes important decisions every day. The CEO gave a big presentation and everyone listened carefully to what he had to say.

After the morning meeting came to an end, they had lunch. Everyone left the conference room and headed for the restaurant within the hotel. They could order whatever they wanted from the lunch menu. The company paid for everything.

In the afternoon, employees split up into smaller conference rooms within the hotel. Supervisors in charge of each branch within the company led the meetings.

By the late afternoon, the meetings came to a close. Everyone was tired. They spent an entire day looking at numbers and reading over information, but it was a good use of company time and money. The employees learned some important things about how the company was making money. They also learned about what the company would do as it goes forward into the next fiscal year.


Now you try it. Read the paragraph above. If you have a microphone, you can record your voice and compare it to my voice.

  How much do you remember from the reading? Fill in the blanks.

  • 1A: Where was the meeting?
  • 1B: It _________________________________.
  • 2A: Who is the head of the company?
  • 2B: ___________________________________.
  • 3A: How often is this type of meeting held?
  • 3B: It ____________________________________.

 (Answers: 1. It was at a hotel; 2. The CEO is the head of the company; 3. It is held once a year.)

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