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6 Earth Day

6. Earth Day is celebrated every year on April 22.



awareness: knowledge; understanding

conserve: to save; to reduce consumption.

ecosystem: a geographical area in which land, water, plants, animals, and even people are connected and dependent on each other.

greenhouse: a small glass house that traps heat and keeps plants warm. When used as an adjective, it refers to the warming effect that some gases produce when they are released into the atmosphere from human activity.

launch: begin; start

pollutants: anything that can harm the environment, plants, animals, and human beings. Pollutants are usually chemicals and gases.

restore: to bring something back to a previous state; to repair damage.

toxic: dangerous; deadly

Earth Day is celebrated every year on April 22. People from all over the world dedicate time and energy to increase an awareness that our planet Earth is in trouble. Problems are caused by overpopulation and the consumption of natural resources. But there are things we can do. We all need to conserve energy and resources daily; otherwise, future generations will suffer the consequences of the decisions we are making now.

The first Earth Day was launched on April 22, 1970 because organizers believed we needed to restore the health of our ecosystem. At that time, many cities in the United States were affected by land, water, and air pollution. There were also concerns regarding nuclear power and toxic chemicals.

Thanks to the leadership of concerned citizens, politicians, and some leaders in business, people have been made more aware of the problems that are caused by various forms of pollution. Now there are serious efforts to prevent individuals and large corporations from putting dangerous pollutants into the ecosystem. Laws have been passed by many countries around the world to reduce the emissions of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gasses which contribute to global warming.

People who attend Earth Day events plant trees, clean up parks, and participate in rallies where speakers and musical guests promote lifestyles that are friendly to the environment. Organizers of these events want to educate the general public about the things that should and shouldn’t be done to keep the planet clean.

It’s important to consider that the small decisions made every day by millions of people around the world have a large impact on our planet. If we all try to drive less, recycle more, reuse things when possible, and reduce waste, our children and our grandchildren will thank us for it.

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Now you try it. Read the paragraphs above. If you have a microphone, you can record your voice and compare it to my voice.

Check your comprehension. Choose one answer for each question. Answers are below.

1. In which year was Earth Day first celebrated?

 A. 1950  B. 1960  C. 1970  D. 2000

2. What’s one way of celebrating Earth Day?

 A. go to a party  B. eat plants  C. plant a tree  D. dance

3. Greenhouse gasses ________ to global warming.

 A. contribute  B. reduce  C.  decrease  D. improve

4. What can you do to help keep the environment cleaner?

 A. recycle  B. reuse things  C. reduce waste  D. A, B, and C

(Answers: 1. C    2. C  3. A  4. D )

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