5. Marty went to Washington, D.C.

Lincoln Memorial

Inside the Lincoln Memorial

Lincoln Memorial

The Lincoln Memorial at night


capital: the city in which a country’s central government is located.

capitol: the main building for the government.

found: discover; start. (This verb is different from the verb "find.")

monument: a building or large sculpture that memorializes a famous person or a place.

souvenir: a small object that a person purchases or finds as a way of remembering a trip.

Marty went to the capital of the United States in Washington, D.C. this summer. Among the many monuments he saw there were the Washington Monument, the World War II Memorial, The Jefferson Memorial, and the Lincoln Memorial.

Marty bought some souvenirs on his trip after seeing the monuments. His favorite souvenir is a key chain with a picture of the capitol on it. He bought t-shirts, a few hats, and some refrigerator magnets. He gave one of his souvenirs, a pen with a picture of George Washington on it, to his teacher.

Marty did a lot of walking on his trip. He remembers how much his feet hurt after the first few days. Marty also remembers buying a lot of lemonade while he was walking because it was so hot. Washington, D.C. can get very hot in the summer!

Marty enjoyed visiting the Lincoln Memorial the most. Do you know what the Lincoln Memorial looks like? If not, there’s an image of it on the back of the Lincoln penny, a copper one-cent coin that is used in the United States. On the nickel, which is a five-cent coin, there’s an image of Monticello, which is the house that Thomas Jefferson once lived in.

Someday Marty will return to Washington, D.C. He enjoyed his trip very much. The experience helped him understand more about the country that he lives in and the people who founded it.

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Now you try it. Read the paragraphs above. If you have a microphone, you can record your voice and compare it to my voice.

Check your comprehension. Choose one answer for each question. Answers are below.

1. Which U.S. President is honored at the Lincoln Memorial?

 A. Washington  B. Lincoln  C. Grant  D. Jefferson

2. Which did Marty buy to bring back home from his trip?

 A. lemonade  B. monuments  C. souvenirs  D. tickets

3. How did Marty get around the city?

 A. He walked.  B. He rode the bus.  C.  He rode a bike.

4. How much is a nickel worth?

 A. one cent  B. five cents C. ten cents  D. a quarter

5. What is a monument?

  A. a building  B. money  C. a drink  D. a city

(Answers: 1. B;  2. C;  3. A;  4. B; 5. A)

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