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7 Buying A Car

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Buying a car


  Do you want to buy a car? New or used? The best value for your money is a used car. Decide on the make and the model, and how much money you want to spend. It’s a good idea to find a car that doesn’t have too many miles on it, or find a car that isn’t too old. An old car with high miles might end up costing you a lot of money in future repairs, but it depends on who the previous owners were and whether or not they stored the car inside a garage during bad weather.

Many people go to a car dealer to buy a car. It’s a little more expensive to buy from a car dealer than it is to buy a car from a private party, but a reputable dealer usually won’t sell you a piece of junk or lie about any problems that might exist with the car.

Now you try it:


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junk: something cheap or of bad quality

make: the name of the manufacturer, Toyota, Ford, VW, etc.

private party: a person who is not part of a business

reputable: this adjective is used for a person who has a good reputation


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