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6. Getting a driver’s license


  To get a driver’s license is not that difficult; however, before the state in which you live will give you a license, you have to pass a written test and a driving skills test.

 The written test requires that you know the rules of the road and understand your responsibilities as a driver. After you pass the written test, you can get your permit. This allows you to practice driving when a licensed driver is in the car with you.

 The driving test, or road test, is a little harder than the written test. After passing the written test and after having enough practice behind the wheel, you need to schedule an appointment with the state licensing facility and demonstrate your abilities as a driver. Not everyone passes the driving test the first time, but if you fail, you can try again another day.

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driving test

demonstrate: prove; show

facility: a public building or space

fail: the opposite of "succeed"

schedule: to set up a time and/or a place to meet

written: the past participle of the verb "write."  write / wrote / written