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11 Janice Plays The Cello

11. Janice plays the cello.



woman playing the cello

Janice plays the cello.

David plays the cello, too.


cellist: a person who plays the cello.

duet: a musical performance by two people

half dozen: six

orchestra: a large group of performers who play instruments–usually stringed instruments.

specialist: a person who specializes in a particular area oor occupation.

stamina: one’s ability to do work or endure hardship


Janice plays the cello. She’s been studying and playing the instrument since she first started taking lessons at the age of eight. Over the years, she has worked hard at becoming a good cellist. She performs regularly in a community orchestra that meets once a week. They do a half dozen concerts every year.

Playing a cello helps Janice take her mind off of her job. She currently works as a customer service specialist for an electronics store. It can be stressful at times, and it doesn’t pay very well. She’s hoping to find a job as a music teacher.

Janice’s friend, David, also plays the cello. Sometimes they get together and play duets. Janice likes to play classical music, while David prefers more modern music. He’s interested in all kinds of stringed instruments. In addition to his cello, David owns a standing bass, a violin, a banjo, and a guitar. On the weekends, he plays a guitar in a four-piece rock band.

Janice thinks everyone should learn how to play a musical instrument. It’s a great way of relaxing, but it also improves a person’s ability to concentrate and develop the sort of stamina needed to accomplish difficult tasks that are unrelated to music.

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