10. Janice is a careful shopper.


woman holding a bag of groceries


bag of groceries

a bag of groceries

old shopping cart

a shopping cart


avoid: to try not to do something

coupon: a piece of paper (or code) that reduces the cost of a purchase

crowded: a large number of people in one location

deal: a good price

earn: to make money

load: to put something in

pantry: a large cabinet or walk-in storage area in the kitchen

shopper: a person who shops

stick: to commit to a plan; to dedicate oneself to a purpose



Janice is a careful shopper, especially when it comes to grocery shopping. By being careful, she can save money, and then she can find the best value for her dollar. Here are some of the things that she does before and during her shopping trip.

First, she always brings a list with her to the grocery store. By sticking to a list, she can avoid buying a lot of things that she doesn’t need.

Janice also uses coupons and she looks for special deals in the newspaper when she shops. Before she goes shopping, she finds and cuts out coupons in the newspaper for things that are on sale. She also loads up her shopping cart with food items if they are on sale. Janice then stores them in her pantry or in her freezer for future use.

She usually goes shopping early in the morning because the stores aren’t crowded at that time, and the food is usually fresher. Eight or nine o’clock in the morning is a great time to go. The worst time to go shopping for food is in the afternoon on the weekend. The lines are longer and it’s more difficult to get around crowded grocery aisles.

Most importantly, Janice makes sure that she doesn’t go shopping on an empty stomach. Grocery shopping while hungry leads shoppers to make bad choices.

Janice puts the money that she saves into the bank. Over time, she’ll have enough money to make a large purchase, like for a car or a house. She doesn’t make a lot of money at her job, but she always keeps in mind this expression:

It’s not what you earn but what you save that matters.

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