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Red Level Quiz 12 A Few A Little

Red Level Quiz #12 – A Few / A Little

Part A.

Directions: Fill in the blank with “a few” or “a litttle.” (20 points)

1. She has ___________ money in her purse.

2. There are ___________ people in the store.

3. Please get ___________ oranges when you go to the store.

4. I have ____________ fruit with me if you’re hungry.

5. They bought ____________ books at the bookstore.

6. There were quite ___________ children on the playground.

7. Here’s ____________ information about Mount Rushmore.

8. It took _____________ hours to drive to the campground.

9. I need ____________ bucks. Can you lend me some money?

10. All but _____________ of the guests got sick after the party.

11. ___________ patience is all we need to get through the day.

12. This sitution is _____________ embarassing.

13. Call me back in ____________ minutes.

14. The movie was good for ____________ laughs.

15. We can all use ___________ laughter.

16. This soup needs ____________ salt.

17. There were quite ____________ bees outside this morning.

18. I saw ____________ deer in the woods this morning.

19. Can you give me ____________ help?

20. How about __________ coffee? Do you want some?

Part B.

Directions: Fill in the blank with “few” or “little.” Notice the meanings of these words are different from those in Part A. (20 pts)

1. My boss has __________ patience for employees who are late.

2. In high school she had very ____________ friends.

3. There are __________ good schools in that city.

4. We have ____________ time to waste. Let’s go now.

5. She feels very ___________ sympathy for the poor.

6. There are too ___________ buses at this time of the day.

7. __________ people showed up at the party.

8. This is too ___________, too late.

9. The houses here are __________ and far between.

10. Very __________ marriages last longer than 50 years.

11. ___________ effort went into the production and it showed.

12. There was so __________ competition in the race, he won easily.

13. There are very ___________ fish in this part of the lake.

14. They put very ____________ sugar in these cookies.

15. ___________ bacteria can survive these kinds of temperatures.

16. The students put too ___________ effort into their homework.

17. ____________ shopping malls are open on Christmas day.

18. I know this is ____________ comfort, but I’m sorry.

19. There are ____________ women with her qualifications.

20. He gets ___________ exercise, so he’s put on a lot of weight.


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