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V16 Unless

Lesson Sixteen



"Unless" is similar to "except" and "but." It can be used as a conjunction. It’s also similar to "if" + "not."


 1. Unless she can control her anger, she won’t be able to keep her job.


 2. He’ll hurt himself unless he’s very careful.

If he isn’t very careful, he’ll hurt himself.

 3. He won’t be able to go to the party unless he can find a ride.

 4. Nguyen will come to class early tomorrow unless the bus is late.

 5. She’ll continue to have problems with her teeth unless she gives up drinking sugary soft drinks and eating candy.

 6. Unless the restaurant can improve its business, it will have to close.
 7. Water from the kitchen faucet can be as good as bottled water unless the city water supply is bad.


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