Lesson Seventeen

even if


"Even if " is used to describe a situation that is true, no matter what the facts are. It’s similar to "despite."


 1. They like to eat cotton candy even if it’s bad for the teeth.

couple eating

 2. Even if you use a lot of ketchup, some meat (like liver) still tastes terrible.


 3. He’ll be late to work today even if the traffic starts to move faster.

man driving

 4. Even if he quits smoking today, he’ll have a greater chance of developing health problems than a nonsmoker.

 5. They’re not going to finish their harvest even if they work as many hours as possible.

rice farmers

 6. Even if he’s not hungry, this dog likes to eat a lot of dog food.
dog eating
 7. She’s likely to hurt herself with that gun even if she’s very, very careful.

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