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V2 Therefore

Lesson Two


“Therefore” is very similar to “as a result.” Something is a fact, and after thinking about this fact, you can make a conclusion. It sounds a little formal in everyday speech but not uncommon. The word “therefore” is frequently used when writing.


His skin burns very easily; therefore, he’s decided to stay under an umbrella and wear lots of sunscreen.
 Our lives have become too complicated; therefore, we’ve decided to simplify things and move to a log cabin in the country.
He spends too much time doing office work–even when he’s out with his girlfriend; therefore, she’s thinking about ending the relationship.

There were too many accidents on this road when the speed limit was 55 miles per hour; therefore, the city decided to lower it to 45 miles per hour. The limit for snowmobiles was also lowered.

(Do you see where the passive voice is used in this sentence?

The birds in our backyard couldn’t find enough to eat; therefore, we set up a bird feeder and now they’re okay.
This timberwolf was hunted almost to the point of extinction; therefore, the government put it on an endangered species list and now it’s protected by law.


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