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V21 As

Lesson Twenty-One



"As" is similar to "while." When used as a conjunction, It indicates that two things happen at the same time. The word "as" is also used for comparisons and as a preposition.


1. They talked about their future together as they sat in the restaurant and ate their lunch.

2. This baby started to cry just as this picture was taken.

3. As he was ice fishing, he suddenly remembered he had forgotten to bring his cell phone.

4. As they were walking together, Fred’s mother told him about an upcoming operation she needed on her knee.

5. A vampire tried to bite the neck of this young woman as she was sleeping.

6. As she was lying in the hammock, she thought about how her life had changed over the last ten years.
7. She pointed her finger at him as she told him how disappointed she was in his behavior.


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