Lesson Twenty-Two

as soon as


"As soon as" is used with time. You can use it in front of a single word, phrase, or clause. It’s similar to the word "when."


 1. She will get a degree in accounting, and she hopes to start working as soon as she graduates.

You can also say…

She wants to start working as soon as possible.


 2. As soon as he left the meeting, he called his wife.

man on phone

 3. The snowman started to melt as soon as the sun came out.


 4. Their flight doesn’t leave until 1 p.m., but they’ll need to get to the airport as soon as 10:30 a.m. because they need to go through security.

 5. Many young women from her country get married as soon as they turn 18.


 6. As soon as he starts walking, we’ll have to watch him more closely.
 7. He started making money at his new company as soon as he was hired.
man on springboard


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