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V29 Now That

Violet Level

Lesson Twenty-Nine

now that

"Now that" describes a situation that is true and allows for the possibility of something else to happen. It’s often used to describe a cause and effect relationship.



 1. Kevin believes he’s a more responsible person now that he’s a parent.

 2. Now that Angie’s English has improved, she feels more confident at work.

 3. Tim’s hands don’t hurt him any more now that he uses an electric staple gun at work.

 4. Now that I’ve gained over 20 pounds in the last year, I’ve started to eat more fruit and less ice cream.
 5. Hosni doesn’t feel as lonely and depressed now that he has a dog to keep him company.

 6. Now that gas prices are rising, people are looking for less expensive ways to get around town.

7. Wanda believes she’s more productive now that she has a laptop computer.

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