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Lesson Thirty


The word "provided" is very similar to "if." Don’t confuse this with the past tense of the verb "provide." This is a subordinating conjunction that presents a condition that must exist for somthing else to happen. It’s not easy to use, but you will hear "provided" in conversation. You can use a clause or a phrase after the word "provided."


 1. Provided he gets enough love and nurturing from his parents, he’ll grow up to be a successful person.


 2. These wind turbines can produce a lot of energy provided there’s enough wind.

wind turbines

 3. Provided enough air support from N.A.T.O., the rebels in Libya might be able to push back on the government forces.

support for Libya

 4. We’re going to make a big batch of salsa provided we get a good crop of tomatoes.
my tomatoes
 5. Provided adequate money for research and development, doctors may one day find a cure for cancer.


 6. This horse could be a great contender provided she gets enough practice and training.
horse racing

7. Provided there’s enough interest and support from the general public, we may one day be able to set up a permanent human colony on the moon.


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