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Violet Level Quiz 2

Violet Level Quiz #2 – Conjunctive Adverbs

Part A. Directions: Choose from among these conjunctive adverbs to complete each sentence:

  consequently otherwise  on the other hand  furthermore  

1. Buying and living in a 200-year-old house would be interesting; _______________ it would probably be very expensive to maintain.

2. You’ll have to start taking better care of your body and stop smoking; ________________, you’ll die early.

3. Thao had a bad experience shopping at that store; _______________, she decided never to shop there again.

4. Growing apples is an interesting hobby which provides me with a lot of pleasure; ______________, I don’t need to buy apples at the store.

5. Patricia and Karl lost interest in each other; ________________, they both agreed to a divorce.

6. Golf is a very fun sport; _________________, it’s very expensive.

7. The party became kind of boring after Toby left; ________________, everyone went home soon afterwards.

8. If we arrive at the restaurant early, we’ll get a good seat; __________________, the restaurant won’t feel very lively.

9. You should buy these boots while they’re on sale; _______________, you’ll have to pay full price next week.

10. When the economy went into recession, business slowed down; _________________, Hector was laid off.

Part B. Directions: Choose from among these conjunctive adverbs to complete each sentence:

  however  therefore  in addition

1. The jury found the man guilty on all charges of murder; _______________, he was sentenced to life in prison.

2. I would like to see the new exhibit; _______________, there might not be enough time to do that.

3. Becoming a doctor isn’t easy. __________________ to many years of studying medicine, you have to deal with uncomfortable situations all the time.

4. My friend, Jeff, wants to ask Wanda out on a date; __________________, he’s too nervous.

5. Steve wanted more excitement in his life; ________________, he decided to join the U.S. military in hopes of going to Iraq.

6. This is a very useful tool; ________________, it’s easy to carry inside a pocket.

7. Carbon dioxide levels are rising in the earth’s atmosphere; _________________, temperatures around the planet are increasing.

8. Finding a new job can be a time-consuming process; ___________________, it can be costly if you need to buy a new suit and send out resumes.

9. The company she works for is expanding; ________________, it won’t start hiring new workers until next year.

10. Tony has stopped watching what he eats; ________________, he’s starting to get really heavy.


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