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Violet Level Quiz 3

Violet Level Quiz #3 – so and such

Part A.

Directions: Complete each sentence by choosing “so” or “such.”

1. I’m ________ hungry, I could eat a horse.

2. This is __________ a big mess, it will take several days to clean up.

3. It was __________ a hot day yesterday.

4. This room feels ________ hot.

5. Why is he being __________ a jerk?

6. That movie was __________ funny!

7. It was __________ a funny movie we saw it three times.

8. He’s having chest pains. __________ matters should be discussed with a doctor.

9. Marie is ___________ in love with her boyfriend.

10. It snowed __________ much last night, school was called of for today.


Part B.

Directions: Complete each sentence by choosing “so”or “such” and “that.”

1. The movie has been _________ a big success, __________ a sequel is going to be made.

2. She liked the student’s writing _________ much _________ she gave him a gold star.

3. They’re __________ excited __________ they can’t get to sleep.

4. The patient was in __________ pain __________ the doctor gave him a sedative.

5. It was __________ a big explosion __________ it was heard several miles away.

6. These are _________ difficult times __________ we are living through.

7. Henry’s __________ rich __________ he doesn’t need to work, but he does anyway.

8. This is __________ a popular restaurant __________ a reservation is needed weeks ahead of time.

9. These are ___________ dangerous chemicals __________ you need to wear gloves when you use them.

10. The teacher’s class was __________ boring _________ some people actually went to sleep.


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