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Use the word "over" to say that something such as an event, a game, or a class is finished.

  • What time is the movie over?
  • The game should be over soon.
  • Will this be over soon?
  • Their marriage is over.
  • When does class get over?

It’s much better to use "done" or "finished" when describing a person:

  • Are you over? (No. This is incorrect.)
  • Are you done? (Okay. This video is about the word "done.")
  • Are you finished? (Okay.)

The word "over" is also contained within many idioms:

  • Will he ever get over his defeat? (get over = learn to accept)
  • Could you please move over. I would like to sit down. (move over = change position to allow for more space.)
  • How much pizza is left over from last night? (left over = remaining)

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This page was first published on December 8, 2011. Updated on December 15, 2014.



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