1. The cow jumped over the moon.

("over" is similar to "above" but it’s used with words that express movement like "go," "run," "fly," "throw," etc.)

2. A rainbow appeared over the horizon when the sun came out.

 3. The firefighter ran over to the burning house to save the people inside.

("run over" = go to. In this example, the word "over" is part of the verb and not a preposition, but I included here because you find "over" used with many idioms.

run over

 4. I love the sound of water running over rocks in a stream.

 5. She put sunblock all over her boyfriend’s back.
suntan lotion

6. The smoke over the house indicates that someone is inside.

 7. Their dream is to sail all over the world.
couple sailing

 8. Have you ever cooked over a campfire?