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You know what a key is, don’t you? It’s something that opens up a lock. If something is locked, you need a key to open it. But you can also use the word "key" as an adjective or as a noun to describe something that is very important or necessary:

  • Bill has become a key member of the organization. (In this sentence, "key" is an adjective.)
  • Dan is a key player on our team. Without him, we might lose.
  • A key part of the machine is missing, so it won’t work until we find it.
  • What’s the key to her success? (In this question, "key" is a noun.)
  • A good education is a key to success in life.
  • Understanding how the verb "be" changes is a key part of understanding how to form the passive voice.

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Published on November 30, 2011



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