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Quiz 22 April 2014 Begin

Directions: Choose the form of the word "begin" to complete each sentence or question. Your options are in the box below:

begin   began   begun  beginning  beginner

1. He doesn’t know very much Italian. He’s still a _____________.

2. When did class _____________?

3. They’ve _____________ working on a new project.

4. Hilda _____________ work at 9:00 this morning, and now she’s taking a break.

5. The movie will _____________ in about five minutes.

6. Go back to the ______________ of the song. I want to hear the whole thing.

7. When it _____________ to rain, we all went inside.

8. Don’t _____________ the test until I tell you to start.

9. ______________ next year, costs for tuition will go up.

10. A political movement was _____________ to get rid of the country’s rulers.

11. My tooth ____________ to hurt about two months ago.

12. Do you want to _____________ a new lesson?

13. They have _____________ their new lives in the United States.

14. As a _______________ she has a lot to learn about driving a car.

15. At the _____________ of the game they were winning; now they’re losing.

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Answers: 1. beginner; 2. begin; 3. begun; 4. began; 5. begin; 6. beginning; 7. began; 8. begin; 9. Beginning; 10. begun; 11. began; 12. begin; 13. begun; 14. beginner; 15. beginning

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