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To review something is to give it a close look or look at it a second or third time for the purpose of studying or decision making.

  • The students reviewed their notes before the test.
  • Our teacher posted a review online. (This sentence uses "review" as a noun.)
  • It’s important to study and review irregular verbs frequently until they are memorized.
  • We should have an accountant review our taxes.
  • Anna and Robert are reviewing their business plans.

two people reviewing something

Anna and Robert are reviewing some plans.

When the word "review" is used as a noun, it could be a form of criticism or a complimentary description.

  • People post their reviews of businesses that they like or don’t like on
  • The movie we’re going to see got some good reviews.
  • Kim received a positive review from her supervisor, and with it came a raise. (raise = an increase in salary)
  • The review of the play was mostly negative.
  • A few bad reviews online can ruin a business.

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April 18, 2014



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