Irregular Past Tense Verbs

meaning / similar to
becomebecamechange / alter / grow into
beginbeganstart / commence
blowblewmove air
breakbrokedestroy / wreck
buildbuilt create / make
buyboughtpurchase / pay for
costcostthe price of something –use only with things
cutcutseparate / reduce
dodidact / perform / work / clean / study / research
drivedroveoperate a vehicle / travel
findfoundobtain / get
flyflewtravel by airplane or by wings (birds do this)
forgetforgotopposite of remember
freezefrozego below freezing / feel cold
getgotobtain / receive
givegavecause something or someone to have / present
gowenttravel / move
havehadpossess / own
hearheardto receive information through the ears
hithitstrike / hurt
holdheldgrasp in one’s hand
hurthurtcause injury
keepkeptcontinue / hold in place
knowknewunderstand / to have knowledge
laylaidput down / create a foundation
leadledbring to a location
leaveleftgo away from
lendlentgive for a temporary time
letletallow / permit
lieliedopposite of tell the truth
loselost fail to remember the location / opposite of win
makemadecreate / cook / earn money / force
meetmetencounter another person the first time
paypaidgive money
putputinstall / position
readreadget knowledge from written words
riderodetravel on or in a vehicle
ringrangcreate sound from a bell
runrantravel fast with your feet
saysaidmake words with one’s mouth / inform
seesawget knowledge with one’s eyes / meet / understand
sellsoldget money for service or a product
sendsentgo to another place, usually by mail or email
sitsaton a chair / not standing or lying down
sleepsleptrest, usually at night
speakspokecreate words with one’s mouth
spendspentpay for something
standstooduse of one’s feet / not sitting
swimswammove in water
taketookget / lead / bring
teachtaughtprovide help in understanding and gaining knowledge
telltoldgive information through words
thinkthoughtuse one’s mind / judge / expect / have an opinion
throwthrewmove through the air, usually by hand
understandunderstoodto get knowledge / know
wearworeput on clothes
winwongain victory over someone or something
writewrotecreate words with a pen, pencil, or a computer