Irregular Past Tense Verbs

meaning / similar to
be was/were existence
become became change / alter / grow into
begin began start / commence
blow blew move air
break broke destroy / wreck
build built create / make
buy bought purchase / pay for
catch caught get
come came arrive
cost cost the price of something –use only with things
cut cut separate / reduce
do did act / perform / work / clean / study / research
drink drank consume
drive drove operate a vehicle / travel
eat ate consume
feel felt perceive
find found obtain / get
fly flew travel by airplane or by wings (birds do this)
forget forgot opposite of remember
freeze froze go below freezing / feel cold
get got obtain / receive
give gave cause something or someone to have / present
go went travel / move
have had possess / own
hear heard to receive information through the ears
hit hit strike / hurt
hold held grasp in one’s hand
hurt hurt cause injury
keep kept continue / hold in place
know knew understand / to have knowledge
lay laid put down / create a foundation
lead led bring to a location
leave left go away from
lend lent give for a temporary time
let let allow / permit
lie lied opposite of tell the truth
lose lost fail to remember the location / opposite of win
make made create / cook / earn money / force
meet met encounter another person the first time
pay paid give money
put put install / position
read read get knowledge from written words
ride rode travel on or in a vehicle
ring rang create sound from a bell
run ran travel fast with your feet
say said make words with one’s mouth / inform
see saw get knowledge with one’s eyes / meet / understand
sell sold get money for service or a product
send sent go to another place, usually by mail or email
show showed present
sit sat on a chair / not standing or lying down
sleep slept rest, usually at night
speak spoke create words with one’s mouth
spend spent pay for something
stand stood use of one’s feet / not sitting
swim swam move in water
take took get / lead / bring
teach taught provide help in understanding and gaining knowledge
tell told give information through words
think thought use one’s mind / judge / expect / have an opinion
throw threw move through the air, usually by hand
understand understood to get knowledge / know
wear wore put on clothes
win won gain victory over someone or something
write wrote create words with a pen, pencil, or a computer