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The word "lease" is used when something is rented. A lease is a contract. Typical leasing arrangements involve apartments, houses, cars, and equipment.

In these sentences, the word "lease" is a noun:

  • Carla signed a one-year lease for her apartment.
  • I have a three-year lease on a Toyota Prius.
  • Vern is trying to get out of his lease. (He wants to end the agreement early.)
  • If you break your lease, you’ll lose your deposit.

In these sentences, the word "lease" is a verb:

  • Carla is leasing an apartment.
  • Tony leased a new Chevy Volt.
  • Our company is leasing some heavy equipment.
  • Vern might sublease his apartment. (sublease = find someone else to live there and pay the rent.)

When a person survives a serious illness or when the overall situation for a person improves, the expression "lease on life" might be used:

  • After losing 120 pounds and quitting smoking, Bill feels as though he has a new lease on life.

The lease for an apartment should be renewed two to three months before it expires.

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March 27, 2014



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