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Quiz 33 February 2015 Print

Directions: Choose the best word to complete each sentence or question. Your options are in the box below:

 audience   break   cage  economy   famous   half   inform   know   make   note     original   pair   quiver   require    wound


1. Do you __________ how to play the piano?

2. The county requires that those wishing to get married have an __________ birth certificate–not a copy.

3. A bird in the pet shop broke free from its __________.

4. The U.S. ___________ tanked in 2008, and this had an effect on other nations.

5. Most professional performers have a tremendous amount of respect for their ___________.

6. You can’t __________ him do the work. He has to decide for himself to do it.

7. When the boy realized how much trouble he was in, he began to __________.

8. I prefer to talk about this with my better __________ before making a decision.

9. Cindy needs a new __________ of glasses because her old ones broke.

10. A __________ from the doctor explained Ed’s absence from work.

11. An open __________ that is not treated properly might become infected.

12. The supervisor will have to ___________ all the employees of changes to the work schedule.

13. The teachers at that school __________ students to work very hard for their grades.

14. The cashier didn’t have enough change to __________ a hundred dollar bill.

15. The city of Paris is __________ for its tourist attractions and cafes.

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