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Y4 Present Perfect Negative

Yellow Level

Lesson Four:

The Present Perfect Tense — Negative

S + have or has + not + past participle

I have not worked
We have not worked
You have not worked
You have not worked
He has not worked
She has not worked
They have not worked
It has not worked

Notice the use of “has” for a man, a woman, or a thing.

Also, it’s important to know the irregular past participles.

Most Americans use the contracted form:

have + not = haven’t  /  has + not = hasn’t

I haven’t worked
We haven’t worked
You haven’t worked
You haven’t worked
He hasn’t worked
She hasn’t worked
They haven’t worked
It hasn’t worked

Here’s a video:

More Examples of the Present Perfect – Negative

I have not been to China.

(contraction: I haven’t been to China.)

main verb: be

You have not been to China, either.

(contraction: haven’t been)

main verb: be

He has not played this game before. This is the first time.

(contraction: hasn’t played)

main verb: play

She has not cleaned the bathroom in a week. Now she’s cleaning it.

(contraction: hasn’t cleaned)

main verb: clean

The banana has not turned brown yet. It’s still yellow.

(contraction: hasn’t turned)

main verb: turn

We have not visited China. Never in our lives have we been there.

(contraction: haven’t visited)

main verb: visit and been.

Notice that you can also make the present perfect negative by using “never.”

I + you = we

You have not finished your lunch yet.

(contraction: haven’t finished)

main verb: finish

They have not marched in the Minnesota State Fair Parade before. This is their first time.

(contraction: haven’t marched)

main verb: march

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