Yellow Level

Lesson Five:

Present Perfect Tense — Questions

Have or Has + Subject + past participle

Have I seen…
Have we seen…
Have you seen…
Have you seen…
Has he seen…
Has she seen…
Have they seen…
Has it seen…

In the example above, the verb “see” is in the present perfect tense. “Seen” is the past participle for the verb “see.”

When you begin a question with “have” or “has,” the answer is usually yes or no.



Have I ever met you?

(Your answer:

Yes, you have. / No, you haven’t.)

outside  I

Have you lived in the United States long?

(Answer: No, I haven’t. / Yes, I have.)

suad  you

Has he had any coffee yet this morning?

(Answer: No, he hasn’t.)

in the morning

Has she ridden a bike before?

(Answer: Yes, she has.)

woman on bike

Has the goat eaten anything yet today?

(Answer: No, it hasn’t.)


Have we known each other for a long time?

(Answer: No, we haven’t. We’ve known each other for a short time.)



I + you = we

Have you ever traveled to China?

(Answer: No, we haven’t.)


Have they marched in this parade before?

(Answer: No, they haven’t, but they have marched in other parades.)


Click on the link to see some of the differences between

the past tense and the present perfect tense.

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